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“McVaugh’s staff is wonderful and the personal attention I received exceeded my expectations. When I saw my home after it had been sheet-rocked, it was more beautiful than I imagined! The quality of the construction and materials used in my home are excellent.”

Christine Cobb

National Award-Winning Custom Home Builder in Houston, TX


As the late John Staub, Houston’s preeminent residential architect, said,

“A person’s home is often the single strongest and most visible evidence of who they are.”

When you are in a position to build a home beyond the need for shelter, then you are in a position to very carefully choose with whom you will work in all aspects of creating that home. The team at McVaugh Custom Homes has an enviable track record of over 300 completed residences and satisfied customers.


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McVaugh Custom Homes

When you are ready to build your family’s dream home, hours of thought and, at times, concern will be spent on the planning and building process. So when you are ready to select a builder, who you choose is critical. The team at McVaugh Custom Homes has an enviable track record of over 300 completed residences and many satisfied customers. Owners, Jim and Pam McVaugh share their experience and personal commitment to customizing a home for your family to grow in. The McVaugh building process blends new and creative techniques that enhances your home’s value, demands the highest quality workmanship and products, and finally delivers a residence that is uniquely yours!



Our Commitment to our Customers

Since 1989, we have strived to complete all home building projects in a timely manner within a specified budget, that in the end, delivers a zero-defect home. Because of our commitment to our customers, we have assembled a team of professionals that receive continued training and education, and therefore provide homeowners with superior construction and long-term satisfaction.



Jim McVaugh, President

Jim McVaugh, as both investor and contractor, has built town homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, and, of course, special single-family residences for over twenty-three years. Drawing on this background, Jim oversees all phases of construction. Experienced in working with marble, hardwoods, slate, granite, tile and handmade details, Jim McVaugh and his team can create your personalized home for the ages, within your budget. The McVaugh team starts the building process by asking questions that only you can answer. Building your dream home requires an open exchange of information. Then, together we explore design, size, materials, and the ambiance you are looking for. Using innovative organizational and construction techniques and the finest of materials, we deliver a cost-effective, luxury custom home of your dreams! Despite managing the overall business of McVaugh Custom Home and strategies of the Corporation, Jim still keeps a finger on each and every home.